019: How to Talk to Your Teens About Substance Abuse


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Chucky Rosa is a non-profit Public Speaker and an Advocate against drug and alcohol abuse. Chucky works with teens, families, and individuals struggling with substance abuse and has shared his personal story with thousands, which has inspired them to live a drug free life. On this week’s episode, Chucky talks about how to spot the early signs of substance abuse, what to do as a parent, and why thinking it’s ‘not a big deal’ is a mistake.

Key Takeaways

  • Chucky shares his story on how he lost two children, and almost a third, to substance abuse.
  • Addition is a fist fight you can win everyday. It is something you can overcome and win.
  • Everyone thinks they can handle their drug or alcohol addiction…. until it starts to handle them.
  • Chucky talks about when he first found out his children were experimenting with drugs.
  • Chucky lost his first son and it broke his heart, nine months later, he lost his second son to drugs.
  • Education is key when it comes to drug addiction and awareness.
  • You don’t just teach math during the first or second grade and stop. You teach it all the way through school. The same applies to substance abuse. Teens need to be regularly educated.
  • What should a parent do when they find out their son or daughter has been drinking or doing drugs?
  • Chucky believes it’s important to be proactive and help them find a replacement activity that is healthier. Whether that be a cooking class or sports.
  • If you drink or smoke weed, then you are a product of your own environment and you are showing your children what is acceptable.
  • Chucky had his bouts with drinking and knows he didn’t set the best example for his sons. He lives with that guilt.
  • If you’re blessed to be near an ocean, take advantage of it. It’s very healing.
  • Chucky is adamant about getting your kids to do new hobbies and activities that will help focus them on longer-term goals.
  • Chucky talks about his non-profit charity and how he’s helping teens better themselves.

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“I talk about accountability and owning your choices. For students, I encourage them to understand that addiction is a choice that they make everyday.”

“I think education is key. My sons were uneducated, and I was uneducated. If I knew it wasn’t a phase, maybe I would have done something different.”

“Alcohol abuse is not a problem until it becomes a problem. If you don’t try to help manage it, it will manage them.”

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