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Climate change is on all of our minds and it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed, depressed and helpless about the state of the planet…but you don’t have to feel that way anymore!

I’m super pumped to talk and introduce my guests and co-founders of The Cool Down ( Anna Robertson and Nina Tooly. These moms have gone from sharing green product recommendations with each other to building The Cool Down, a climate content and commerce startup that's working to take the overwhelm out of climate topics and promote accessible sustainability.

When we become parents, we look at the world differently and we want to make sure we preserve it for our children, their children and all future generations. I’ve been overwhelmed with what I can do in my own life to create positive change and make sustainable choices so having a tool in my back pocket like The Cool Down is such a game changer.

What I love about Amy and Nina’s work and message is that it’s based in positivity, and empowerment. They are sharing easy sustainable swaps for the products you are already using AND most importantly, they are vetting them and they aren’t more expensive than what you’re already paying! BONUS!!

They also share GOOD NEWS stories about climate every single week and have just launched a new Instagram account for those of us who love green products! Follow them on Instagram @greenproductguide

To make things even easier for parents, Anna and Nina are giving us a guide, “How Parents Can Lead the Way in Shaping a Cooler, Cleaner Future,” you can download it from the Parent Toolbox.

Here are some of the suggestions mentioned in the episode:

About Anna Robertson and Nina Tooley

Anna Robertson is co-founder and chief content officer of The Cool Down. She is an Emmy and Murrow Award-winning executive, producer, and innovator who has shaped new and legacy media brands and developed content formats at ABC / Disney and Yahoo News. She spent ten years at Good Morning America. Early in her career, Anna was mentored by Diane Sawyer and served as the legendary journalist’s producer as they covered major stories around the world. Anna is now based in Park City, Utah with her husband and two children, where she is involved in sustainability efforts for her community.

Nina Tooley is head of commerce and marketing for The Cool Down. She is an accomplished entrepreneur and CMO with 20 years of experience launching and growing digital-forward fashion, beauty, and retail brands. Her experience spans her own entrepreneurial endeavors in fashion and ecommerce and high-level marketing roles at companies including Guthy-Renker, working on campaigns for Proactiv and other well-known brands. Nina is based in Sun Valley, Idaho - where she grew up - with her husband and two children.

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