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Even in today’s day and age, workplaces are still dominated by a culture that favors men as business leaders but research is finding how working moms are best equipped to bring 21st century leadership skills into the workplace.

I’m passionate about supporting parents, especially moms in the workplace, see their value and embrace the skills they have that make them such effective leaders. My guest, Jen Murtagh, feels the same way. So much so that she built her company Maturn, to support mothers transitioning in and out of maternity leave.

According to research done by Bright Horizons, working women bring skills to the workplace that make them the best leaders because they excel in areas such as bringing out the best in others, better listening, better team player and are also better at multitasking and time management.

In other words, supporting women in the workplace is good for business! And that’s where Maturn, and Jen’s expertise comes in!

In this episode, Jen and I talk about:

The motherhood penalty

How organizations can retain and grow women leaders

What mothers can gain from having support and a community

For a copy of the “Maternity Transition Plan” to help support mamas who are expecting and looking for a plan to support their transition to maternity leave, visit the Parent Toolbox.

About Jen Murtagh With over two decades of experience spanning both corporate and non-profit, heart-centred leadership has been the guiding star of Jen Murtagh’s career. An award-winning and values-based C-Suite leader, Jen has successfully led and raised millions for national campaigns on anti-bullying, vulnerable youth, and advanced gender equity through her work with a variety of women’s organizations.

As an ICF accredited leadership coach, Jen supports women to live and lead bravely through her 1:1 coaching, workshops, speaking and signature Brave Leadership for Women program. Jen is a Business in Vancouver ‘Forty Under 40’ Award Winner and Greater Vancouver Board of Trade ‘Women of Promise’.

Jen is a community champion, who has volunteered thousands of hours for countless charities and in 2017 fulfilled a lifelong dream by travelling to Africa to lead mentoring + goal-setting workshops with non-profit One Girl Can. Jen is a mother and stepmother to four children who was inspired to co-create Maturn to serve mothers in a deep and meaningful way while advancing gender equity.

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