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On July 27th Instagram announced that they are creating an experience that’s safe and private for young people (age 13-16). This is good news for parents who worry about their children’s activity on the app.

My guest on this episode is Instagram’s Head of Safety and Wellbeing, Vaishnavi. She explains how Instagram is taking a layered approach to make the platform more safe for youth by:

Stopping unwanted contact

Manage comments

Mute and restrict accounts

Changing how advertisers can reach young people

Filtering words, phrases and bullying comments

In the Parent toolbox (details below) you can download their PARENT GUIDE that walks through all this information and how to use their settings to protect your teen. The guide includes conversation starters and additional resources.

Below are some accounts you might want to follow for up to date online safety information

@instagram @connectsafely @familyonlinesafetyinstitute @digitalwellnesslab @mentalhealthcoalition

For a free copy of instagram’s Parent Guide, visit

About Vaishanvi

Vaishnavi is Instagram’s Head of Safety, collaborating with external experts as well as internal policy and product teams to ensure Instagram continues to be a safe and healthy space for its community. At Instagram, Vaishnavi focuses on the physical and mental wellbeing of children - ranging from the sexual exploitation of minors to self-injury / suicide and mental health - as well as the wellbeing of adults, ranging from non-consensual intimate images to human exploitation and harassment.

Vaishnavi previously led Twitter’s video safety policy efforts as well as safety policy in the Asia-Pacific region. She began her career in tech policy working on online safety and privacy issues at Google. She is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, and received her Master of Laws from the University of Hong Kong, with a focus on IT & IP law. She is currently based in San Francisco and originally hails from Singapore.

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