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Don’t even talk to me If I haven’t had enough sleep! Now when my boys were babies, the thing I feared the most was those sleepless nights. I’m no good on just a few hours of sleep so I made it a priority to teach my babies to sleep, but like so many issues in parenting, it’s such an individual choice as to how you will go about teaching your baby sleep.

My guest, sleep expert and consultant, Dr. Sarah Mitchell, is helping us make sense of the science and behavior of sleep. She is the author of the Amazon Best Seller, “The Helping Babies Sleep Method; The Art and Science of Teaching Your Baby to Sleep”.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • When to start teaching your child to sleep
  • Why sleep is such an obstacle for parents
  • The 3 systems that govern sleep
  • The 2 main reasons babies and toddlers struggle with sleep
  • How we mistake overtiredness
  • What to do with early wake ups
  • Why our kids can be wild at bedtime

For your free “Toddler Sleep Terrorism Guide” follow this link:!AqxowX5Jqw4HgdNMH_o1VqjrP_rwqQ?e=DoU58N

About Dr Sarah Mitchell

Dr. Sarah Mitchell is a chiropractor by training but found her passion empowering parents to teach their little ones to sleep and parent confidently day and night. She’s a sought after sleep consultant in silicon valley where she works with busy executive parents. She's the author of the Amazon Best Seller 'The Helping Babies Sleep Method; The Art and Science of Teaching Your Baby to Sleep.' She’s a proud member of the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine and currently contributing to research on maternal anxiety and sleep teaching. Since 2013 she’s helped thousands of parents be loving, attached and well-rested. A Canadian girl at heart, she currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, son and daughter.

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