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If you are a mom who’s an entrepreneur or professional, this episode is for you!

So often, after we have kids, we get overwhelmed because we are doing ALL THE THINGS. There is a freedom in saying no, to prioritizing what’s the most important to you.

My guest, Susan Stutzel knows exactly what this is like from her own experience in her early days as a mom, to now working with professional moms who are also raising a family.

In this episode, we talk about:

Why you need to say no more and how to do it

How to determine what success is for YOU (and not the peanut gallery!)

How when we are overwhelmed, it has a ripple effect throughout both your work and your family (especially our kids behavior)

How our “failures” are helping us (I love the saying, “You either win, or you learn”)

How to evaluate your goals now that you have a family

For a free copy of Susan’s workbook, “Defining Success as a Role Model”, where she walks you through exactly how to determine your goals and priorities, visit

About Susan Stutzel

Susan is passionate about freeing professional women from self-sabotaging goals and helping them build a life of purpose and balance. As a Leadership Coach, she helps her clients ditch overwhelm by finding their voice through the process of rebuilding habits and expectations, so they can feel successful - both professionally and at home.

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PHONE NUMBER: (563) 886 4533

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