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We are ALL a hot mess from time to time! There are days we just can’t even and I’m here to tell you that’s PERFECTLY OK! As parents we often struggle with “what is” and we fight against it, beat ourselves up, and say things should be different. What if instead, we could just accept that we just can’t even today? That today is a no makeup, stained shirt and greasy hair day? What I’m talking about is letting go of feeling we have to be perfect (I’ve talked about this so much). Here’s the thing, a day where you “just can’t even” doesn’t define you as a mom, or a woman!

We need to learn to challenge the unhelpful, negative and the often mean, internal dialog we have about ourselves in our heads. My guest Kaitlin Soule is an expert at helping women remove the unhelpful narratives we have running through our minds that can cost us our joy, freedom and health.

In this episode, we talk about:

How to examine the story you’re telling yourself rewrite your narrative, so you can show up differently in your life

Restore your sense of self by determining your “right now” values (this also helps you with boundaries!)

Use this new, values-led way forward with a daily commitment to (imperfectly) let your values be your life’s compass

How to move away from letting fear guide you in motherhood and beyond.

For a free download of Kaitlin’s book, “A Little Less of a Hot Mess: The Modern Mom’s Guide to Growth and Evolution”, you can find it in the Parent Toolbox! www.parent-toolbox.com

About Kaitlin Soule

Kaitlin Soule is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Anxiety and Women’s Mental Health Expert, Writer, Media Contributor, and mom to three under age 7. Her mission is to empower today’s women to say YES to themselves (in a world that so often tells them to say “no) so they can live aligned with their values, instead of guilt and fear. Even as a therapist, like many moms, Kaitlin found herself prioritizing everyone else’s needs before her own until an eye-opening experience gave her the epiphany that in order to evolve into the mother and person she was meant to be, she needed to STOP abandoning herself. Kaitlin wrote A Little Less of a Hot Mess: The Modern Mom's Guide to Growth and Evolution, to invite women to care for their mental health with a practical, framework, called imperfect growth and evolution™. Kaitlin hosts a podcast called, “A little Less of a Hot Mess: Off the Couch Conversation with A Therapist,” and acts as a Mental Health Expert/Consultant for various start-ups and agencies.

Contact information:

Email: kaitlin@wellnotesbykaitlin.com

Social Media:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kaitlin-soule-595548124/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kaitlinod

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wellnotesforher/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kaitlin_soule

Thanks for listening!

It means so much to me that you listened to my podcast! If you resonate with my message and would like my personal help in your parenting journey, I’d love to talk to you. Please visit my website to book a call with me where we can talk about your parenting frustrations and I’ll share how I can help you. www.parentingforconnection.com

My intention with my show is to build a community of parents that can have open and honest conversations about parenting without judgement or criticism. We have too much of that!

I honor each parent and their path towards becoming the best parent they can be. My hope is to inspire more parents to consider the practice of Peaceful Parenting.

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