41 - Dealing with Disrespect


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In this podcast learn how to deal with disrespect in your home by teaching and modeling respect while keeping calm.
The truth is, disrespectful behavior is one of the inappropriate ways kids, especially teenagers but not limited to teens, try to solve their problems. Kids can feel powerless in the face of rules and expectations and talking back and showing disrespect is one way they try to take some power back. If they can drag you into an argument, that’s even better: Now you’re arguing about respect instead of focusing on their curfew or their homework or cleaning up their toys!
Listen in on how to tame the disrespect monster:
1. Avoid the Fight in the Moment
2. Use Family Meetings
3. Don’t Take Everything Personally or Overreact
4. Model respect
5. Don’t Take Our Child’s Side
6. Don’t Demand Respect
7. Respect Their Choices
8. Use Restitution

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