Back to school anxieties with Mia Mbroh


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I remember as a kid having a range of emotions the night before school started. I would lay in bed with questions swirling like…

Did I pick the right back to school shoes?

Will my friends still like me?

Is Mrs. Smith as mean as everyone says?

Will my favorite lunch table have enough seats?

Will the coach yell at me again for being the slowest to run the mile in PE? (oh wait, maybe that’s just me)

Whether or not our kids are willing to admit it, they are facing some of the same back to school jitters that we did. Even harder are some of the safety concerns they face that undoubtedly weigh on them this time of year.

Mia Mbroh is with us today and as a licensed counselor, she’s worked in private practice as well as in school settings. She’s helping us navigate some key areas of concern including school safety, friendships, bullying, and academics.

She has a good word on how our families can rewrite the narrative when it comes to what matters in school and how we will represent our faith this year.

Take a few minutes to listen to Mia’s great words for back to school, and then share it with a friend.

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Resources from today's show:

Be sure to check out A Sticky Story by Mia Mbroh. You can get your copy by emailing her directly at

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A Parent’s Prayer Guide: Key Psalms to Pray Over Your Kids

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