James Harden & The Sixers Are Dead, NFL Schedule Release + In Studio With AstroPhysicist Brian Cox


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James Harden and the Sixers are dead. We play a game called which post game quote is worst. Heat Culture demands respect.(00:02:30-00:21:50) The Mavs force a Game 7. (00:21:51-00:26:17) In NHL Playoffs we have Game 7's on Saturday after the Lightning are now 17-0 off a loss in the playoffs in the last 3 years. (00:26:18-00:31:09) NFL Schedule, games we're looking forward to and Billy tells us about the Jets before he leaves mid conversation. (00:31:11-00:47:38) We kick it back to ourselves in studio to talk Celtics and Capital heartbreaking losses on Wednesday night. (00:48:42-01:07:31) Astrophysicist Brian Cox joins us in studio for an incredible conversation about science, black holes, the universe, and being in a rock band.(01:08:28-02:16:18) We finish with Fyre Fest of the week. (02:17:41-02:31:31)

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