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Today Ingrid discusses how to help your gut recover from bad diet habits and diet foods. She discusses organic v. Conventional foods & warns against health food that aren’t healthy including protein diet bars even if containing INULIN. She discusses whey protein, hair loss, soluble corn fiber. She explains the distinction between diet and health. What to look out for when re-establishing gut health and what food to start eating to achieve optimal gut health and permanent weight loss. Follow Ingrid on Instagram at instagram.com/Ingriddelamarekenny Purchase Ingrid’s COOKBOOK SIMPLY THE BEST in hardcover or softcover book.themethodmc.com Get our new revamped FUCKING BEAUTIFUL SIMPLY L’Huile de Rose Rose Oil from Morocco and the NEW TO GO vials beauty.themethodmc.com Get Ingrid’s Moroccan AMBER ROCKS Simply Parfum d’Ambiance to transcend your home with the smell of French aristocracy meets orient warmth and sexy Arabian moroccan night’s lifestyle.themethodmc.com The EXTREMLY IMPORTANT PERSON program EIP - 3 months of Simply INULIN auto-ship and Luxe Box delivery go here http://tiny.cc/EIP Watch Ingrid cooking class “THE RETREAT EXPERIENCE” how to make her Moroccan kefta style meatballs on our YouTube channel here https://youtu.be/UOqlm7hVZjc Watch Ingrid’s BREAKFAST & BEAUTY EVENT, the retreat experience at Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat, and find out her favorite skincare, beauty routine and make-up all unsponsored - on her YouTube channel here https://youtu.be/0f0QBguG9J8 Follow THE METHOD® Instagram.com/themethod.mc Follow our product line SIMPLY GANGSTER CHIC Instagram.com/simplygangsterchic Find our Simply INULIN by THE METHOD®|THE BODY - INGRID’s SIMPLY THE BEST E-COOKBOOK & SPICE, and THE NEW PURE PROBIOTIC Simply Kefir Champagne Lacté at shop.themethodmc.com For our amazing FREE GUT HEALTHY FLAT TUMMY Simply Inulin chocolate chip cookies á la fleur de sel and GANGSTER CHIC BRIÔCHES simplyrecipes.themethodmc.com For more info about our transformation retreat go to retreat.themethodmc.com Do THE METHOD Free FLASH WORK-OUTS — no equipment needed Flash-Workout # 1 https://vimeo.com/250033415/a161c4a0f9 Flash-Workout #2 https://vimeo.com254216501/8983e725b8 You can workout with THE METHOD ORIGINAL MASTER SESSIONS from the comfort of your home ANYWHERE ANYTIME by subscribing to the monthly membership at virtual.themethodmc.com The RETREAT EXPERIENCE 50 min workout master session is currently available and newly released. BOOK your Transformation RETREAT week for our 2020 session at the ICONIC GRAND HOTEL DU CAP FERRAT - it is currently sold out but you can find more info here retreat.themethodmc.com And email retreat@themethodmc.com to get on the waiting list if you still wish to attend. You can leave us a voice message with questions or comments we may future on the next episode here:https://anchor.fm/pardonmyfrench You can find information about Ingrid’s one on one Mind-Body power mentor sessions here bodymindmentor.themethodmc.com For all recipes mentionned in this podcast FREE at simplyrecipes.themethodmc.com

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