Ep 3:B!TCH sit down be humble! I’m sick & tired of photoshop


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In today's podcast we discuss Listener questions about CELERY juicing, listener VOICE MESSAGE question about healthy menu options in one day easy schmeazy and delicious. We discuss photoshop, body issues, and boob squeezing ! Whether the scale is a rigged lottery. Listener questions about SOY BEAN, stevia and truvia, estrogen mimickers in your healthy food. And we rap to Kendrick Lamar ! B!tch sit down BE HUMBLE ! Show Notes: Follow Ingrid on Instagram at instagram.com/Ingriddelamarekenny Follow THE METHOD® Instagram.com/themehodmc.com Find Savannah and beg her to go on the VOICE UK at instagram.com/sav_dlm Find our Simply INULIN by THE METHOD®|THE BODY and INULIN SHOT NECKLACE at shop.themethodmc.com Do THE METHOD Free FLASH WORK-OUTS — no equipment needed Flash-Workout # 1 https://vimeo.com/250033415/a161c4a0f9 Flash-Workout #2 https://vimeo.com254216501/8983e725b8 You can workout with THE METHOD ORIGINAL MASTER SESSIONS from the comfort of your home ANYWHERE ANYTIME by subscribing to the monthly membership at virtual.themethodmc.com You can leave us a voice message with questions or comments we may future on the next episode here:https://anchor.fm/pardonmyfrench For all recipes mentionned in this podcast subscribe FREE at subscribe.themethodmc.com the spice - secret spice I mention a lot is Has el' Hanout, to cook your kefta meat or even your Lemon Chicken with Celery. The Vinaigrette includes : Truffle flavored dijon mustard, truffle flavored olive oil, and balsamic modena vinegar. Whisk to a thick concentrate sauce and cut with a drop or 2 of water ! Et Voilà !

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