Ep 11. NEW YEAR NEW ME!!! : OH Shut the FUCK UP ...


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Setting resolutions and intentions is a crack of shit ! Manifesting is more GANGSTER CHIC FRENCH — Manifesting means protesting in FRENCH. We also elaborate on the subject of contraceptive pill, does it really cause weight gain (FAT GAIN OR WATER GAIN)? Ingrid explains again the importance of understanding Estrogen dominance, and how that causes a weight gain popular diets and workouts can not take care of. Calorie-counting and Cardio are not the tools to deal with estrogen dominance. So what do you do if your waist size is affected by estrogen dominance? We discuss how Dieticians, nutritionists, doctors put so little emphasis on hormones and how it’s important for women in general to acquire a better knowledge of how hormones affect weight issues more than dieting and working out. And how sometimes dieting and certain workouts are doing the reverse effect wanted on weight as they cause inflammation of your hormonal glands. We discuss what VICTORIA ‘S SECRET MODELS have to go Thru for 4 months prior to the Fashion Show, and the « DRY » diet. We debate how the proof is in the SIMPLY INULIN pudding ! And we dial our friend DANIELLE PRAHL, Boss BITCH with a fuck you attitude to loser trolls, bullies and negative assholes. We discuss her tips to flushing out negativity and getting rid of negative people in our lives in 2019. Ps: she too says fuck a lot - we discuss my latest HATER message that turned me on to a brilliant idea for the podcast. We also talk about THE METHOD® work-out (no it’s not a plug) and how certain movements are hormone friendly. Ingrid also answers listeners questions about her fashion and personal style, why surgeons that advice a tummy tuck after children as the only recourse are assholes, and how she chooses her daily menus to cook for her family. Ingrid reminisces on the delectable smells of Moroccan cuisine she grew up with in her Grand-Ma’s ZOHRA ‘s kitchen and how she tried to reproduce these smells and savors by creating the few recipes she now shares on her E-cookbook, using her secret spice SIMPLY THE BEST (sold with the ebook). Show Notes: Follow Ingrid on Instagram at instagram.com/Ingriddelamarekenny Follow THE METHOD® Instagram.com/themehodmc.com Find Ingrid’s COOKBOOK EBOOK and her SIMPLY THE BEST including 11 of HER favorite recipes, including a GANGSTER CHIC VIAL of SIMPLY THE BEST ras-el-hanout رأس الحانوت translates from ARABIC to " The Best in the Shop, a blend of more than 30 pure Moroccan Spices from the Market Find our Simply INULIN Recipe collaboration with MYSEXYVEGGIES simplyrecipesthemethodmc.com You can workout with Ingrid ANYWHERE ANYTIME with monthly unlimited access to THE METHOD® ORIGINAL MASTER SESSIONS from the comfort of your home. The subscription of €69.99 gives you unlimited access to more than 3:30 hours of workouts, 5 MASTER SESSIONS with Ingrid herself, pre-recorded in MONACO. Subscribe to the monthly membership at virtual.themethodmc.com The latest RELEASED Master Session “Instant BUTT LIFT” sidekick series is currently the most played and popular with our members. Follow DANIELLE PRAHL on INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/DaniellePrahl JOIN her webinars and learn how to become an entrepreneur making 6 figures https://danielleprahl.lpages.co/next-level-webinars-registration/ Listen to her podcast episode interviewing Ingrid on RULE BREAKER DREAM MAKER Episode 10 https://itunes.apple.com/fr/podcast/rule-breaker-dream-maker-podcast/id1434415855?l=en&mt=2&i=1000423458836 Do THE METHOD Free FLASH WORK-OUTS — no equipment needed Flash-Workout # 1 https://vimeo.com/250033415/a161c4a0f9 Flash-Workout #2 https://vimeo.com/254216501/8983e725b8 You can workout with THE METHOD® ORIGINAL MASTER SESSIONS from the comfort of your home ANYWHERE ANYTIME by subscribing to the monthly membership at virtual.themethodmc.com

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