Bigfoot and the Bunny - Spirit Medium & Paranormal Investigator Phillip Wyatt


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Phillip Wyatt is an Eventual Spirit Medium and experienced Paranormal Researcher, and Investigator with The Mystery Center for Advanced Paranormal Phenomena (M.C.A.P.P.). He has extensive background in the study and Practice of ITC, Instrumental Trans Communication. He combines his beliefs in the afterlife along with his gifts as a Medium, together with science and technology to establish the connection and communication between the living and Spirit. He is the founder and administrator for the group The ITC Collaboration, a group of ITC enthusiasts which consists of over five hundred members performing worldwide ITC experiments. Philip is the developer for the Android ITC Spirit Communication App, The ITC Collaboration Pro, available on Google Play. Philip has published Three books, “The Art Of Spirit,” “The Artful Spirits,” and “Spirit Reflections,” which are collections of Spirit Images derived from the Ancient form of Divination called "Water Scrying". Philip has been a featured speaker at the Dragoncon convention in Atlanta GA as a Lecturer in the Paranormal field. As a staff writer for the Paranormal Magazine - “The Paranormal Inquisitor” - Philip presents his views and thoughts on many different Paranormal topics.

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