Playa Hamm on How DJ Quik Would “Hold Back” In The Studio & Tweed Cadillac Not Being Originally Signed As Penthouse Players Clique Member | UNIQUE ACCESS WITH SOREN BAKER


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Playa Hamm stops by Unique Access with Soren Baker to discuss Tweed Cadillac not being originally signed as a Penthouse Players Clique member. Playa Hamm also tells Soren Baker how DJ Quik would “hold back” in the studio & how he had to try to not be “unreasonably aggressive.” Playa Hamm also talks about how DJ Quik would soak up Penthouse Players Clique’s game & how he was thinking he was the king of rap. Please like, subscribe, and share Unique Access with Soren Baker, part of the Pantheon Media podcast network. Also pick up Soren Baker's books at and watch his interviews at

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