ALLMUSICMOVIES: “The Album" with Kevin Hosmann


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“The Album” is a documentary on the evolution of the record industry told from the perspective of art directors and photographers who created the most memorable art in music history. Veteran Art Director and director Kevin Hosmann speaks to top creators of their day to discuss the development of the art synonymous with the music you know and love. From “Abbey Road”, “Hotel California,” and “Dark Side of the Moon” to “Breakfast in America” and Nirvana’s “Nevermind,” hear the stories behind the music. Starting in the analog past of the 60's — how rock and roll began catering to the teenagers and their disposable income, to the introduction of the CD through it's digital disruption of file sharing, to online sales, streaming and the dominance of social media--the vehicle of new music discovery has radically changed. And through it all, the love of music has never been stronger because the audience’s desire for that emotional connection to the music they love remains unchanged. Join us and for a fascinating look into a bygone visual era and what has replaced it.

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