Serge Kassardjian of StayTuned and 6th Man Ventures on the Future of E-commerce and Crypto (EP.209)


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Today’s guest, Serge Kassardjian, is the co-founder and CEO of StayTuned Digital, and a partner at 6th Man Ventures. He got his MBA from Harvard and Bachelors and Masters in Engineering from Stanford, where he was the President of his class. Serge is a fighter, an entrepreneur with irons in the fire of two incredibly volatile sectors – e-commerce and crypto, so he’s the perfect guest to come on Panic with Friends. As the pundits at CNBCq say ‘the markets are in turmoil’; and it’s not just crypto, but our beloved e-commerce stocks, including Amazon $AMZN and Shopify $SHOP, that are taking a beating. We discuss StayTuned Digital, which is a Shopify roll-up, but not in the classic sense of rolling up e-commerce stores – they’re rolling up software companies on the app side. We get into Serge’s love of STEPN – the crypto/web3 lifestyle app, and what the future crypto/web3 ecosystem might look like for us ‘normies’. (Full disclosure: StayTuned is a Social Leverage (Fund III) portfolio company.)

Guest - Serge Kassardjian, Co-founder and CEO at StayTuned and Partner At 6th Man Ventures,,,

Twitter: @howardlindzon, @PanicwFriends, @sergekass, @staytuned_dig, @knutjensen

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Show Notes:

  • Introduction (00:043)
  • Welcome Serge (03:21)
  • Selling dumbbells (04:05)
  • Coming to America (05:11)
  • Starting in e-commerce (07:17)
  • Macro trends in e-commerce (09:22)
  • Growth is in headless solutions (10:50)
  • Non-linear paths in startups (13:14)
  • Serge’s time at Google (13:38)
  • Shopify app roll-ups (14:03)
  • Building the StayTuned team (14:43)
  • Getting into crypto (16:02)
  • Early whale on NBA TopShot (17:28)
  • International e-commerce (18:06)
  • Venture debt model (19:05)
  • StayTuned apps (20:26)
  • Shopify competition (22:25)
  • Catching the crypto bug (24:35)
  • Talent moves to crypto (26:02)
  • Crypto adoption demographics (27:40)
  • STEPN sneaker NFTs (29:54)
  • Wrapping up (37:23)
  • Closing thoughts (38:59)

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