Sami Issa and Maggie Love of W3BCloud on Powering Web3 With Compute Infrastructure... May a Thousand Blockchains Bloom (EP.226)


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I’m excited to be doing this first episode in a series of shows over the next few months on blockchain, crypto, web3 – whatever you want to call it. As long-time listeners know, I’m a drafter behind smart people on web3. I’m learning as I go, yet being skeptical, and probing through it. I have my angle of attack and know how I want to spend the next few years working on blockchain, infrastructure, web3, NFTs, and community.

And while I haven’t talked often enough about it, in full disclosure, Social Leverage Acquisition Corp ($SLAC), the company I’m CEO of, has announced a proposed merger with W3BCLOUD. In addition, Social Leverage (Fund IV) (where I’m a GP) is a shareholder and member of the sponsor group – but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it. So who better to have on to make sense of all this?


Sami Issa, CEO & Co-Founder at W3BCloud

Maggie Love, Director - Ecosystem & Partnerships & Co-Founder at W3BCloud, Founder at SheFi,,

Twitter: @howardlindzon, @PanicwFriends, @W3BCLOUD, @She_Fi, @knutjensen

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Show Notes:

  • Introduction (00:39)
  • Welcome Maggie and Sami (06:44)
  • Understanding ‘compute’ (06:58)
  • Decentralization & ‘permissionless’ (1016)
  • Crypto & Web3 (12:47)
  • In the back yards of Giants (17:20)
  • Composability (21:27)
  • Not a ‘Winner take all’ world (24:04)
  • Origin story (24:20)
  • Dealing with bear markets (31:48)
  • The adoption cycle (35:20)
  • Infrastructure is the way (38:10)
  • Buffett’s crypto play (39:45)
  • Next internet revolution (41:54)
  • Moving through the cycles (44:05)
  • What makes the register ring? (50:19)
  • Optimizing the hardware infrastructure (52:25)
  • What is ‘trustless’? (52:54)
  • ‘Proof of Stake’ (56:51)
  • A new internet paradigm (59:50)
  • An internet of value (1:00:52)
  • The ‘wallet’ is key (1:01:28)
  • Wrapping up (1:03:34)
  • Closing thoughts (1:09:12)

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