Jim O’Shaughnessy on Twitter, Navigating the Current Market, and our Artificially Intelligent Future (EP.227)


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The GOAT himself, Jim O’Shaughnessy is back for a record fourth appearance on Panic with Friends! And this time he’s slightly panicked by not being panicked. I convinced him to put on some slippers and start showing up for work.

The last time he was on, we talked about the real panic; I’d come back from vacation fired out of a cannon – only wanting to talk to my close friends or pimp some of our companies. But today I’ve got a lot to talk to Jim about. He was guest number one on the show, and he was on just a few weeks ago – since then the Fed’s hiked another 75 basis points, Facebook’s imploded, and we have a new owner at Twitter. So sure, it makes sense if Jim might be a little panicked about not being panicked.

Once again, Jim is the calm voice of reason helping me navigate the turbulent times we’ve found ourselves in. I hope you learn as much from our conversation as I did.

Guest - Jim O’Shaughnessy, Founder, Chairman & Co-Chief Investment Officer, OSAM LLC

howardlindzon.com, osam.com, infiniteloopspodcast.com

Twitter: @howardlindzon , @jposhaughnessy, @PanicwFriends, @knutjensen


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Show Notes:

  • Introduction (00:41)
  • Welcome Jim (05:29)
  • Strategy & Tactics (07:46)
  • Decision time (10:30)
  • Elon Musk (12:58)
  • Fixing Twitter (13:39)
  • Dealing with trolls (17:26)
  • The real reason Elon bought Twitter (23:06)
  • Excited about Artificial Intelligence (27:10)
  • AI ethics (30:02)
  • AI in medical research (31:45)
  • AI legal use case (33:15)
  • An Open AI is critical (36:05)
  • First $1B single creator LLC (36:34)
  • Old Models are collapsing (37:25)
  • A “Thiel-style” scholarship (39:09)
  • A revolution in Education (45:12)
  • A real meritocracy (45:56)
  • Human nature doesn’t change (48:19)
  • The next Robinhood could be Robinhood (49:46)
  • Wrapping up (53:05)
  • Closing thoughts (56:58)

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