Pro Golfer Anne van Dam on the Business of Golf, Competing, and Investing (EP.230)


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Normally on Panic I’m talking with investors, venture capitalists, traders, and entrepreneurs, but on today’s episode I’m bringing on professional golfer Anne van Dam. Her manager is a good friend of mine who discovered her back in her teens, and now she’s an LP in Social Leverage. We get into some investment talk with her interest in real estate and cover Colony Cooks, a ghost kitchen and virtual restaurant in Los Angeles founded by her boyfriend.

Anne discusses her favorite places to visit, her favorite golf courses, and of course getting Social Leverage on her bag. She’s not superstitious, but with Social Leverage in her corner, I’m predicting victories this year for her on tour. Anne has a good head on her shoulders and knows what she wants to do. I hope you’re as inspired by our conversation as I was. I'm looking forward to a round with her the next time she's in Phoenix. Knut has offered to caddie for me.

Guest - Anne van Dam, Pro Golfer at LPGA,,,,

Twitter: @howardlindzon, @PanicwFriends, @Annevandam, @LPGA, @letgolf @knutjensen

Instagram: @annievdam, @letgolf, @LPGA_tour

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Show Notes:

  • Introduction (00:34)
  • Howard jinxes Phil Mickelson (04:52)
  • Welcome Anne (06:53)
  • How do you pronounce Knut? (07:14)
  • Anne’s favorite city (07:32)
  • Anne’s favorite golf course (08:34)
  • The pedal mafia (09:15)
  • Anne’s favorite US golf course (10:13)
  • Anne’s golf hero (10:56)
  • Dealing with nerves (12:48)
  • Winning her first tournament (15:18)
  • LPGA prize money (16:17)
  • Men’s tour v. Women’s tour (18:18)
  • Working with sponsors (19:14)
  • Getting started in investing (21:56)
  • Colony Cooks ghost kitchen (25:08)
  • Bullish on golf (27:36)
  • The fitness side of golf (29:38)
  • Golf superstitions (35:32)
  • Wrapping up (37:44)
  • Closing thoughts (38:42)

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