Jan van Eck of VanEck Funds on Global Markets, Deglobalization, and Rising Interest Rates (EP.228)


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I’ve been dying to get Jan on the podcast, and he’s finally here. After my brief podcast break, I've decided to have a lot of my friends on – people I like talking to about markets. Jan is one of those people. He’s super smart and well educated. I’m in the lucky position where I don’t have to be in the market, but because I’m fascinated by markets, started Stocktwits, love talking about them, and want to continue banging out some alpha, I invited Jan on the podcast.

We have a great discussion about debt. We talk about money flows, and while Jan wasn’t the earliest, but early enough with directionally putting his firm on a path towards crypto, he has a lot of insights there as well. People need to be thinking about the market in just a little different way than what worked in the past. You’ll learn a lot from our conversation. I know I did.

Guest - Jan van Eck, CEO at VanEck Securities Corporation

howardlindzon.com, VanEck.com

Twitter: @howardlindzon, @PanicwFriends, @JanvanEck3, @VanEck_US, @knutjensen


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Show Notes:

  • Introduction (00:39)
  • Welcome Jan (04:02)
  • Growing a mature business (04:52)
  • History is a teacher (07:73)
  • Becoming a ‘Macro Structuralist’ (12:58)
  • Lessons from the 1970s (14:49)
  • The right way to view inflation (15:17)
  • Bonds outperform stocks (16:54)
  • Will the Fed pivot? (19:12)
  • The ETF business (24:49)
  • Crypto-related ETNs (27:21)
  • China growth & demographics (28:40)
  • Getting smarter on Brazil (29:04)
  • Web3 (30:18)
  • Thoughts on Wealthtech (34:08)
  • What if 60/40 is wrong? (35:10)
  • Jan argues Howard’s book (39:23)
  • People care about performance (39:42)
  • Why Jan invested with Howard (40:46)
  • Diseconomies of scale (41:45)
  • The future of ETFs (43:33)
  • Cherry-picking in public markets (46:11)
  • Jan’s favorite podcasts (47:44)
  • Wrapping up (50:16)
  • Closing thoughts (51:37)

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