Intimate Partner Murders


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Thank you for joining me for, Intimate Partner Murders.

Intimate partner and domestic violence have many of the same root causes as they do elsewhere. Here are three stories of same-sex intimate partner murder.

39-year-old, Dr. Louis Chen, his decade-long partner 29-year-old, Eric Cooper, and their adorable 2 1/2-year child moved into a gleaming Seattle, Washington penthouse in the summer of 2011, but things were not as ideal as they appeared. An explosion of violence would end lives and open questions that remained unanswered to this day.

35-year-old Shawndell McLeod sounds like an amazing person. She had turned her love of cooking into her career, she bought a house, and a new car then she disappeared. She had also managed to escape an abusive relationship that may have claimed her as its victim.

49-year-old Allan Lanteigne and 39-year-old Demitry Papasotiriou met at a Toronto city bus stop in the 1990s. They would go on to marry in a lavish ceremony but the marriage would end in bloodshed. The race for justice would take many years and several continents.

If you or anyone you know is the victim of intimate partner violence there are resources for you. You are not alone.

Remember, you deserve to live a life free of violence of any kind. Hugs and Love!


Domestic Violence Hotline

24 Hour Hotline

Community United Against Violence

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