Bashed: The Gay Bondi Cliff Murders


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For decades murders of gay men were happening on the cliffs of Bondi Beaches. Between 1970 and 2010 gay men were hunted, brutally attacked, and in some cases thrown to their deaths from the cliffs of cruising spots above the beautiful beaches of Sydney, Australia. Many of these murders remain unsolved.

John Russell was a barmen in Bondi he’d spent the night with his friends then capped the evening off with a visit to the gay cruising spots above the beaches of Bondi, Australia his body was found the next morning.

Ross Warren was an up and coming newsreader who never showed up for his on air job. His body has never been found.

Scott Johnson was a brilliant mathematician who was approaching the end of Ph.D. studies when his naked body was found on craggy rocks of Manly beach. Decades of terror and violence in Sydney, Australia treated like sport and a right of passage.

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