88. "Way Back We Were All Black." Emancipation Day Special. Nicola Jane Thomas. Inverhuron, Ontario, Canada. 07/27/22


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Happy Emancipation Day! Nicola Jane, of Grand River Food Forestry, is currently on the Sankofa 100 Miles to Freedom Tour 2022. Exploring and rediscovering the stories of Freedom Fighters escaping slavery. She is following the Freedom Trail that so many people used escaping from bondage in the United States to Canada. Following the Freedom Trails, Nicola Jane has visited numerous important locations in Southern Ontario. From the Detroit River to the Queen's Bush Settlement to the Mecca Museum in Chatham to Owen Sound Nicola shares her journey rediscovering and sharing the stories of the African diaspora who made the trek for Freedom.
Sankofa 100 Miles to Freedom Tour
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