#67 Lorie Eve Dechar on Five Spirits Acupuncture, Inner Alchemy, and Healing in Tension


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Lorie Eve Dechar is a legendary alchemical acupuncturist, a pioneer who has inspired countless through her teaching, writing, and clinical practice. She is perhaps best known for her book Five Spirits: Alchemical Acupuncture for Psychological and Spiritual Healing, which for 15 years has helped guide a generation of acupuncturists into deeper levels of healing, personally and for their patients.

Within this episode is profound treasure. Lorie guides us along a rich exploration of alchemical acupuncture, and alchemy in general, which has at its roots the concept of transformation and not restoration. Through its framework, we can extract from our deepest, darkest wounds – known as our prima materia – our most luminous treasures to ourselves and the world. In this fascinating discussion, we excavate concepts such as hun tun, chaos, and its transformative energy; entropy and negentropy; wu wei, action through non-action; and the general merit of practices that have helped Lorie and her clients to do their inner work.

We also highlight some of the profound topics of all 3 of her books, including The Alchemy of Inner Work, and her newest, Kigo, which explores the essence of acupuncture points. In my opinion, these are all must-reads for practitioners who intend to lead their patients into psychological healing.

Along with her husband Benjamin, who co-authored The Alchemy of Inner Work, Lorie is co-founder of A New Possibility, a learning and healing community designed to help people develop a conscious relationship to their inner life. Her insights are priceless instruments in the quest for inner transformation. I know firsthand as she has had a massive impact on my own transformative journey.

Please enjoy this episode of Pacific Rim College Radio with Lorie Eve Dechar.
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