Stephanie Freid-Perenchio, Documentary Photographer, Shares How She Tells Untold Stories


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“Go all in.”

  • How Stephanie got into the photography business and how having a family had an impact on her career (1:30)
  • How starting to photograph Navy SEALS and then their families following 9/11 affected her work (9:32)
  • How her photographic essay started (14:04)
  • Stephanie explains her independent spirit (17:14)
  • How Stephanie found herself fighting for women and children’s rights (22:30)
  • How amazing women have helped her to find her thoughts and direction in life (25:12)
  • How Stephanie sets an example for her daughters through her experiences and innovations (30:20)
  • How cancer taught her important life lessons (33:21)
  • How Stephanie learned to be strong but quiet (39:51)
  • Why giving up control is so freeing for Stephanie (45:12)

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