Sarah Harden, CEO of Hello Sunshine, on Powerful Storytelling and Owning Her Career


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“Through storytelling we touch the masses.”

  • How Sarah’s business got started (3:33)
  • How an authentically authored brand has been built by a female majority owned company (6:01)
  • How finding Little Fires Everywhere helped to build the brand (10:14)
  • How the business has shifted to the consumer in the last ten years (17:41)
  • How Sarah follows her intuition (21:31)
  • How the content is changing to meet the demand the pandemic has created (22:13)
  • How Sarah’s childhood determined who she became (25:41)
  • How it was to navigate a male business world while starting a family (33:21)
  • How Sarah has managed stress during the pandemic (35:26)
  • How spirituality helps Sarah (39:13)
  • How all the voices have helped in the story telling (45:12)
  • What college and high school was like for Sarah (51:31)

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