Lauren Frances, Love Doctor and Dating Coach, Shares Secrets for Online and Offline Dating for ALL Ages


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“The very thing that you think you are going to get rejected for is the very reason that somebody who is right for you is going to be wildly attracted to you.”

  • The biggest misconception about women dating after 50 (0:50)
  • Why thinking about your romantic image is so important today (2:35)
  • The first step in using a love coach to change your relationship to dating (5:16)
  • How to think of finding love as a business venture (9:45)
  • Why makeovers are worth it in online dating (12:10)
  • What it really means to be an alpha woman (13:15)
  • The truth about men wanting to date younger women (14:40)
  • The key to feeling beautiful in your current body (16:51)
  • How Lauren became a love coach (18:20)
  • The easiest way to flirt with a man (20:44)
  • Why it matters what kinds of friends you surround yourself with while single (22:35)
  • Why your appearance does matter in attracting a good partner (25:42)
  • What women over 50 don’t get told about dating (28:30)
  • How COVID-19 has changed dating for singles (31:20)
  • The story of Lauren’s 88 year old client (35:22)
  • Tips to reconnect with your sensuality (36:30)
  • Why getting cheated on is often not personal (38:10)
  • Why you need to be willing to fail in order to try (41:15)
  • How your social media accounts factor into dating (42:40)
  • Why showing all of your uniqueness is so important to attracting the right partner (46:05)
  • What owning your throne means to Lauren (51:24)

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