Kym Douglas, Actress and TV Host, on Cultivating Confidence and Inner Beauty


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“People connect to your authenticity.”

  • How Kym and Pirie met each other at Oral Roberts University (3:09)
  • How Kym got started in LA (6:14)
  • How ageism has shifted over the years (10:12)
  • Kym’s battle with breast cancer (14:25)
  • How Kym learned to find confidence (18:12)
  • How Kym heard the beauty secrets to put in her book (25:15)
  • Kym’s beauty tips for women over 50 (29:48)
  • What inner beauty means to Kym (34:12)
  • Kym’s words of inspiration for women in transition in life needing encouragement (41:24)
  • How Kym came to be on the cover of Woman’s World (46:12)

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