Kim Kelly, Whole Body Health & Fitness Expert, on Taking Care of Your Body


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“There’s something for everyone out there.”

  • How she got started with her interest in fitness (3:31)
  • How Kim got started with Fit Factor (7:24)
  • The importance of connection, commitment, and consistency in good fitness (12:31)
  • How she has adjusted her fitness to the pandemic era (16:36)
  • The tips for staying healthy through the holidays (20:18)
  • How she helps with consistency in clients (23:20)
  • How things have shifted over time doing fitness (27:31)
  • The top exercises that help the most (30:31)
  • The nutrition and snacks for energy, body, and brain (35:21)
  • How to take the first step in the second chapter of one’s life (42:18)

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