Julie Piatt, Spiritual Teacher and Chef, on Embracing the Divine Feminine


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“The universe knows your heart’s desires better than you know yourself.”

  • How to find your people and the ignition to your path (2:18)
  • The fun part of getting older (8:40)
  • How to navigate the end of an intimate relationship (10:30)
  • What it actually looks like to love your partner unconditionally (17:00)
  • What a financial collapse can teach you (26:40)
  • How Julie came up with her plant-based cheese line (34:30)
  • How women are designed to transform the planet (40:15)
  • What it means to Julie to be getting older and fulfilling her sacred mission (44:08)
  • Our divine identity beyond this life (50:15)
  • How to embody who you really are (59:20)

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