Jeanine Staples, Professor and Coach, on How to Become an Anti-Racist Leader in Your Life


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“We can occupy the same spaces and live in completely different worlds.”

  • How to be part of the solution to racism (1:57)
  • Jeanine’s definition of white supremacy (5:47)
  • What we are experiencing right now as a society (10:08)
  • The myths surrounding racism (11:40)
  • The difference between social justice work and emotional justice work (16:10)
  • The tools to change yourself on a deep level (33:18)
  • What it means to de-colonize your soul (37:45)
  • The difference between being not racist and being anti-racist (44:39)
  • The difference between white privilege and white fragility (46:34)
  • How to teach your children to be anti-racist if they live in an all-white community (49:45)
  • What owning your throne means to Jeanine (57:42)

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