Elissa Goodman Shares Best Tips for Immunity Boosting During Times of Crisis


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“This is forcing us to take a look at all the distractions that we bring into our lives so that we don’t take care of ourselves.”

  • What Elissa has been learning about the immune system during the coronavirus (1:25)
  • How Elissa has been feeling since the quarantine period started (6:40)
  • How to balance having your kids home again (8:36)
  • Foods that will boost your immune system (9:55)
  • Vitamins Elissa recommends to boost your immunity (13:50)
  • The best way to store and take probiotics (21:30)
  • How to know if you have a weak immune system (23:45)
  • How to treat inflammation in the body (26:47)
  • The foods that weaken the immune system the most (27:26)
  • Ways to see a silver lining in the crisis (31:01)

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