Dr. Shakha Gillin, Pediatrician, on Parenting Through a Pandemic


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“The science doesn’t match what we’re doing.”

  • How things have changed since the pandemic started (4:01)
  • How understanding this strain of influenza is different (10:10)
  • How it has been dealing with kids with COVID (14:12)
  • What it’s like for kids living with with this virus and others (19:31)
  • The connection between Sweden and California’s decision to open up (22:31)
  • How teachers are also essential workers (27:30)
  • Good habits moms and dads can do to help kids for prevention (30:15)
  • How we've dealt with the information we've received over the last six months (35:49)
  • The importance of common sense in dealing with children going back to school (41:10)
  • How to navigate caring for kids at home when both parents work (45:12)
  • The importance of considering the risks and benefits of someone getting sick (49:03)
  • Shakha’s feeling about the process of the vaccine (53:31)

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