Dr. Joan Borysenko, Pioneer in Integrative Medicine, on Flourishing In the Madness


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“We want to be the tuning forks of goodness.”

  • How to see the time we are in right now as “this great pandemic pause” (4:36)
  • How the CZU fire affected Joan during this time (11:21)
  • How important it is to make a difference during this trying time (18:31)
  • How we should own our negative emotions to give us greater freedom of choice (22:26)
  • How we can learn to forgive and send loving kindness to those we struggle with (28:21)
  • How we can find our character strengths (36:23)
  • How to find gratefulness (44:04)
  • How Joan was raised to find herself in the field of psychology (49:19)
  • How it was to be a woman getting her doctorate when she did (55:25)

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