Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, Brain Scientist and TED Speaker, on Harnessing the Power of Your Brain for Peace


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“Peace is just a thought away.”

  • The best ways to quiet your mind and calm your fears (4:50)
  • How fear changes the brain (9:50)
  • Why it’s so important to manage your thoughts in order to improve your mood (17:01)
  • The difference between the right and left sides of the brain (18:35)
  • What the 90 second rule is and how it works in our brain (22:08)
  • Why mantras are effective (25:25)
  • How to change our thoughts around the fear of dying (33:05)
  • Where our sense of identity comes from (39:40)
  • How our brains can support or not support our immune system (43:05)
  • The effect technology has had on our brains (52:25)
  • A different way to view the stigma of mental illness (57:48)
  • The connection between spirituality and science (1:04:08)
  • What part of your brain creates radical acceptance (1:11:20)
  • How to release the need for certainty (1:14:30)
  • What owning your throne means to Jill (1:17:42)

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