Danielle Martin, Performance Coach, on Being True to Yourself from the Inside Out


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“I don’t make friends with failure, but I’m humbled by it.”

  • How Danielle’s journey started (5:30)
  • What she learned looking back at her teenage years (10:31)
  • How Danielle used her experiences and adversity to learn (16:36)
  • How the hardest time in a relationship helped her to see her vulnerability and potential and how she healed from it (22:31)
  • How Danielle shows up in self worth today (31:21)
  • How she transfers a performance mindset to ownership of who she is (39:31)
  • How Danielle deals with fear and what she fears the most (42:31)
  • How she made it through the fear of a survival show (48:51)

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