Candace Nelson of Sprinkles Cupcakes Shares How to Launch Your Dream Business


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“At a certain point, life is supposed to get easier but it just never does. You just get more equipped with handling the fear.”

  • What got Candace to go to pastry school after losing her banking job (2:03)
  • What happens when you open yourself up to the possibilities of creativity (7:35)
  • How Candace came up with the idea for Sprinkles cupcakes (11:05)
  • How she got over the naysayers at the start of her business (13:20)
  • Ways to keep your daily confidence high (17:50)
  • How to prioritize self-love as a mother and business owner (21:38)
  • The importance of creating and spending time with good girlfriends (22:20)
  • The vision for women moving forward as game changers in the world (25:48)
  • Candace’s thoughts on ageism (27:20)
  • The difference between confidence and courage (29:25)
  • One of the biggest challenges Candace has worked through (38:12)
  • How Candace defines faith (40:22)
  • How to define yourself outside of all your identities (41:13)
  • How to view food as a celebration (48:20)
  • What growing up in Indonesia taught Candace about gratitude (50:51)
  • How to take the first step towards moving into something new (53:19)
  • What “own your throne” means to Candace (58:53)

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