Ali Landry, Actress and Child Safety Advocate, on Reshaping Your Mind, Heart, Body, and Soul


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“The quality of your life is the quality of your thoughts.”

  • How competing as Miss USA changed Ali’s life (1:22)
  • What happened during Ali’s first marriage to teach her the power of taking responsibility for her life (5:15)
  • Why Ali chose to wait to have sex while dating her husband (17:40)
  • The story behind the movie Freedom and how it is raising awareness for child trafficking (20:02)
  • What Reshape is and why Ali started it after being in a major car accident (28:05)
  • The power of having positive female friends (33:15)
  • How Ali describes herself differently from how people perceive her (35:35)
  • How to responsibly manage your critical thoughts (38:27)
  • Why doing the inner work of healing is essential for health and wellness (39:50)
  • How to forgive for something truly serious (45:05)
  • The way Ali approaches balancing her life on a day to day basis (46:35)
  • What Ali has learned about self-love by taking care of her health (47:57)
  • How Ali is enjoying the aging process (1:05:37)
  • What owning your throne means to Ali (1:07:16)

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