Outlaw Radio - Episode 280 (A.D. 2020 & Col. Chris Wyatt Interviews - July 24, 2021)


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American Broadcasting School alumni, Bad Billy brings you Outlaw Radio. Listen for discussion on current events, a little comedy, and great music. Listen to the show live Saturday nights at 4:00 PM eastern standard time/1:00 PM pacific standard time on The A.O.W. Radio Network or The No Holds Barred Radio Network! Feel free to join the show by calling +1 (646) 558-8665 - code 216-539-5329. You can also catch the archived shows by going to www.outlawradioabs.podbean.com. If you would like to be a guest on the show or if you would like to leave your feedback you can call our feedback line at +1 (208) 957-7016. All positive and negative feedback will be replied to during the show. Be sure to visit the Outlaw Radio official website at www.outlawradioabs.com.

This week, featured interviews with Todd Thanhauser of A.D. 2020 and Col. Chris Wyatt (Retired)! Also featured music from Jade Marie Patek, Bionic Jive, Forever Still, Cody Canada & The Departed, Ded, India Morel, Nikki Briar, and Sister Kill Cycle.

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