Revelations with Christopher Macklin


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Revelations with Dr. Christopher Macklin Returning guest Christopher Macklin discusses the latest developments with the Council of Interplanetary Light Beings and how a remote triggering system is used to release dormant diseases into the body which were administered via the vaccine schedules, toxins and chemtrailing. Dr. Christopher Macklin is an extraordinary sage who brings several facets to his work – in the realm of spirituality, health and wellness, alien connection, angels divination, paranormal, world conspiracies, Covid-19 etc.. He specializes in developing protocols for removing ‘manufactured diseases’ like Lyme, HIV, Agent Orange, Morgellons and spends his life work healing the physical, spiritual and emotional psyche. He utilizes Divine Healing techniques is cultivated to help people recover from all types of illness. Christopher is able to heal many people simultaneously with rebalancing the body’s energy field by clearing chakra points and cleansing the body’s meridian field by removing blockages and negative energies. Christopher has written several books that can be found on his website: council of light, ancient wisdom, angelic beings, battle between good and evil, chakras, Christopher Macklin, energy field, God, light warriors, Mental Health News Radio Network, Outer Limits Of Inner Truth, remote healing

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