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  • Crow Pass trail
    Crow Pass Trail, photo courtesy Max Romey
  • Debris on beach
    Debris found on the beach, photo courtesy Max Romey
  • Max Romey
    Max Romey sketching Raven Glacier at Crow Pass, photo courtesy Max Romey.

Our guest this week is Max Romey. Max is a watercolor artist and filmmaker from Anchorage. He has joined us before to tell us about his creative style of using watercolors in his films focusing on the outdoors. Storytelling using pictures instead of words was born from his life with dyslexia. The last time he visited us in the fall of 2020, he was developing a six-chapter project called “Trailbound Alaska.” Although the project has changed and evolved, he has finished one part of the film series, the journey from Seward to Eagle River. Another one of his films, “If You Give a Beach a Bottle,” is a story that took him many years to tell and is a finalist at this year’s Banff Mountain Film Festival at the end of this month. Max will also give us a preview of his next project, which is very close to home.

HOST: Lisa Keller


Max Romey, watercolor artist and filmmaker


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