80: The Abduction of José Antônio da Silva with Brian Hastie


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The earliest abduction cases, like those of Betty and Barney Hill and Antônio Villas Boas, were strange and new. Cases in which people were kidnapped by alien beings were rare. So rare, in fact, that they had never appeared in print before. But when they did cases started to emerge, slowly, into the ufological psyche. One of the earliest cases involves the abduction of a Brazilian soldier, José Antônio da Silva, who was kidnapped by short hairy humanoids, taken to a strange room, made to consume a strange liquid, and was perhaps involved in an intergalactic arms deal? Brian Hastie from Double Density and The Order of Podcasters joins me to discuss one of the most fascinating and earliest alien abduction cases.
Sources: "Forty Eight Hours Inside a Flying Saucer" by Gordon Creighton, Flying Saucer Review 1971 V17 N6
"Abduction at Bebedouro" by Húlvio Brant Alexio, Flying Saucer Review 1973 V 19 N6
"Bebedouro II: The Little Men Return for the Soldier" by Húlvio Brant Alexio, Flying Saucer Review 1975 V 21 N 3-4
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