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Our Sam Talking out Loud Podcast series is produced by Our Sam baby loss charity (Charity Registration Number 1191411). Every year more than a quarter of a million people are affected by baby loss in the UK, yet it still remains one of the most taboo and difficult subjects we come across, leaving many bereaved parents isolated and struggling on their own. Each month, Our Sam Talking out Loud podcasts will not only open the door to honest conversations about baby loss from parents and families, to raise awareness and understanding following miscarriage, termination for medical reasons, stillbirth and neonatal death, but will also spotlight the organisations and professionals who can provide support for bereaved parents and families, when they need it most. You may find parts of some of these podcasts upsetting, but our aim is to not only talk about the incredibly sad stories of loss, but also the strategies people have used to help them cope with the heartbreak and trauma of baby loss, to help other bereaved parents and families find a way to cope and know they are not alone.

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