Ep 14: Freedom


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On this week’s episode the host discusses the topic ‘Freedom' alongside special guest Mikes (@Michael.billionairefitnessuk) The reading for this week: ''If you wish for your wife and kids to live forever, you’re stupid, because you wish to be in control of things which aren’t yours to control. Likewise, if you wish for your employee to be perfect, you’re stupid. But, if you wish to never be disappointed and get everything you want, this is in your control. All you have to do is desire only those things which are in your control to obtain. If someone can give to you or take away from you what you want, then they’re your master. If you want to be free, then, wish for nothing which depends on others.'' Please like/ share/ subscribe to the podcast Follow our guest on Instagram @Michael.billionairefitnessuk Follow the artist @Gtg_voices

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