Don't Tell Me, I Can't


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How many times in your life have you been told you can’t? Today’s guest Jen Du Plessis has also been told that. After hearing this statement of “you can’t” most of her life. Jen soon would discover that no one would ever tell her that again. She used that as the catalyst to become a very driven person in the entrepreneurial space. However, along the way, there were some sacrifices that were made. Always in the back of her mind was a quote that was given to her by her mother. A lesson that still resonates with her to this day. “We flatter those we scarcely know; we please the fleeting guests, but we deal many a thoughtless blow to those we love the best.” Today, Jen shares with me why having core values is so important in life. Jen also shares some practical ways on how you too can apply core values to your life. Join me as we walk and Jen’s Sketchers shoes.

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