Staying on the Path After Loss, Overcoming Procrastination, and Pushing Past Complacency | ASK ME ANYTHING


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In this week’s ASK ME ANYTHING, Kipp Sorensen and Shawn Villalovos take on your questions from the Order of Man Facebook Group. Hit Ryan up on Instagram at @ryanmichler and share what’s working in your life.


(3:00) How do I evaluate if my church denomination is teaching the truth? If I disagree with some tenets, should I keep looking until I find the “right” church?

(11:20) When dealing with loss that has taken me off the path, how do I get some traction again when all I want to do is self medicate with food?

(30:20) With regard to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, do you find your game and skill develops faster if you’re focusing on a particular aspect of your training (be it a particular position, or submission) for the session? Or do you find a more broad, “lets just roll & see what happens” approach to work better for you?

(40:40) Is it possible to be the husband and father I want to be while being absent often because of my military service?

(44:00) Can you provide some advice to help people accept where they are right now? How can they find the next step?

(49:00) How have you personally observed learning about Jesus can help you grow in manliness?

(52:00) How can I overcome being a procrastinator?

When do you know when it’s time to say “enough” when (59:30) it comes to personal goals and success?

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