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We’ve all begun to see the writing on the wall as it pertains to the loss in American manufacturing and the damage to the American supply chain. Continually, we have experienced losing jobs, harder to find items from toilet paper and baby formula to increasing concerns over Taiwan’s domination over the semiconductor market, and increasing costs for everyday goods and services.

My guest today is a man who is doing something about it. His name is Pete Roberts and he is the founder of OriginUSA which has dedicated itself to making all of their goods and products in America by Americans. Today, we talk about ever-changing market dynamics and how to stay ahead of the curve, why it’s crucial we honor our past manufacturing heritage, building what Pete calls, a “blockchain of manufacturing,” the power of the “blue collar mindset,” and fully unlocking American Potential.


  • Understanding market dynamics
  • People are realizing that they need to harden up
  • Dealing with overwhelm and distraction
  • Building up block chain manufacturing
  • We need to be prepared for China
  • We have to be savage about bringing back manufacturing and knowledge
  • Predicting the non-tangibles in the market
  • Scraping the good from the past and applying it to the future
  • Doing things for internal validation

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