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As men, we all look around and see the problems that exist in society. But very few of us are willing to objectively look at what’s going on in our culture relative to the lesson we should have learned from examples throughout history. Couple that with our inability and/or lack of desire to improve our own situations and circumstances and it makes a recipe for disaster. My guest today is my close personal friend, Andy Frisella, and today we talk about his shift away from the MFCEO podcast to the RealAF podcast, why we need to be cognizant of the convenience vs. efficiency, learning to push the envelope, the obligation to evolve, and how you can adopt the “get better until you die,” mentality.


  • Building efficiencies in your life
  • Keep your struggles and challenges in context
  • Balancing quality of life with making more money
  • We are being indoctrinated to settle for less
  • Shifting from MFCEO to the Real AF podcast
  • We are starting to outsmart the false media narratives
  • America is designed to be a free society
  • We can change the culture in one year

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