ELI CRANE | Power vs. Principle


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It seems like it’s political month around here but with the mid-terms coming up, I think it’s important that we discuss some of these crucial political topics that impact us, our families, and our communities so much. I’m joined today by former Navy SEAL and Congressional Candidate, Eli Crane, to talk about why it's crucial men have at least some interest in politics, how courage in you breeds courage in others, the collapse of some of our most predominant social institutions, the concept of ideological subversion, and the need for principle over power in our elected officials.


  • Responding to the needs of the nation
  • How much can one person do?
  • Motivated by principle vs. motivated by power
  • The importance of staying engaged
  • The military becoming a social experiment
  • Complacency in voting
  • The power vacuum will always be filled
  • Every one of us can do something

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